XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack

XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack

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SnapPad XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack features two of our best-selling XTRA 9” pads and two of our largest 12” rear XL pads. This type of configuration is commonly found on larger Class A Motorhomes. Snap-on a set of XTRA XL Plus to your rig and eliminate all of your levelling hassles. Permanently.

Compatible Rig Types:

  • Class A Motorhomes

Compatible Leveling Systems:

  • LCI ‘Ultra Level’®

Most Common Compatible Brands:

  • Damen®
  • Thor
  • Entegra®
  • Winnebago®

Special Considerations:
For LCI® feet, ensure you double-check the size of your landing feet and check if they are bent at all, as this can impact compatibility considerably.

For the XL 9" Pads:

  • For 9” round jack feet
  • 11” total diameter
  • 5 lbs. per pad
  • Adds 1” of thickness to jack foot
  • Adds 61% surface area

For the XL 12" Pads:

  • For 12” round jack feet
  • 13.75” total diameter
  • 8.4 lbs. per pad
  • Adds 1” of thickness to jack foot
  • Adds 40% surface area

Both pads were shake tested to 50 G's of force and temperature tested to 120 and -40 degrees F

Everything You Need to Install SnapPad XTRA XL Plus:

Have any questions about installing SnapPads? Reach out on our contact us page.

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